Fire Truck Face-Off 2024

It's all about the charities

Presented by Golden State Fire Apparatus

The 6th annual Fire Truck Face-Off kicks into high gear on Monday, March 11th and will culminate in the final match on April 5th. Winners will be announced the following day.

This year, all voting will take place through our Facebook & Instagram. Your like is your vote. Be sure to follow us for updates, alerts, and all the action!

The 2024 Brackets

How to Vote

You can vote on instagram or facebook ... or both!

Your like is your vote.

Comments do not Count. Voting closes after 24 hous.

We encourage all departments to spread the word for extra votes!

Past winners have been successful at rallying their whole community in support of their local fire department, the hope of winning money for a local charity, and the braggin’ rights that go along with it all. Anyone can vote, so spread the word and pick your favorite trucks!


This years 32 participating departments were randomly selected from qualifying vehicles, and sorted into the four following brackets: Gold, Red, Silver and Black. If your department is participated, be aware of when your match takes place. The tournament brackets will be updated throughout the tournament.


First round is rapid-fire! — Four matches a day until we land at 16 remaining departments. All matches will take place on Mondays through Thursday. Polls for each match will begin at 10am each day and stay open for 24 hours, giving you plenty of time to round up your troops for support! A final match up between the top two departments will take place on April 5th.


Qualifying apparatus need to have been purchased and delivered in the last year and not participated in a previous year. This is a brand new batch of 32 fire apparatus from all across the Bay Area, Central and Northern California.


We are really focusing on the charities and getting the communities involvement to support these charities. With the help of Whelen® and Darley® we will be giving the winning department $2,000 towards the charity of their choice! The winning vehicle will also be awarded a commemorative bronze badge to mount on their truck.

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The 2024 Selection Video

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Orland Fire Department


What You Won

$1000 for Glenn County K9 Association

Commemorative Trophy

Badge for Pumper PUC - Enforcer

Bragging Rights